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"What really turned me over was the simplicity of their offerings... EMS has played a crucial role in our social media marketing efforts and building a modern, integrated online ecosystem for my business for years to come."
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Ben Courson
Community Leader & Business Owner

Social Media Management

  • Targeted Sales Outreach

    We identify a list of hyper-targeted leads or influencers to interact with on your behalf on social media to send highly qualified traffic to your page and online offer.

  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns

    We will run targeted advertising campaigns to your ideal audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google. We will also install a Facebook pixel on your website to retarget users throughout their browsing days and weeks after they leave your site.

  • Social Media Full Management

    Our in-house expert social media team will run your entire social media strategy including content creation and posting, organic follower growth, community engagement and upkeep, posting stories, closing sales, and more!

  • Strategy Sessions

    We have multiple on-location, webinar style, or one-one-one strategy and branding sessions available. See product page by clicking or tapping the button below for full list of classes and topics.

Custom Website + Funnel Design

  • 4 Page Website Design

    We will create a custom 4 page website for your local business or e-commerce store including a home page, about page, services/product/menu page, and a contact page. Websites are built in WordPress and Shopify.

  • Funnel Development

    We will develop a custom 2-step funnel that can be used for custom campaigns such as booking appointments, selling a specific product, generating leads, and much more. Funnels are custom built and hosted, but we can integrate with ClickFunnels, Infusionsoft/Keap, Kajabi and Kartra as well.

  • Instagram Website Replacement

    We will set-up an Instagram to replace a need for a full website. The Instagram account will include: 9 photos with captions showcasing and describing your business, professional profile photo, and a custom bio. (Photoshoot and 10 edited photos included).

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO)

    We will rank your blog posts and website pages to the first page in Google, Medium and Bing search engine rankings with hyper-targeted keyword analysis and optimization.

Content Production

  • Professional Photography

    Our professional AZ local photographers will meet you on-location for product shoots, personal head shots or aerial photos for content marketing, website content, social media content, and more!

  • Professional Videography

    Our Arizona local videography team has industry leading equipment and pristine editing skills to pull off anything from a modern property showcasing with personal brand lifestyle shots to more complex projects with FAA certified arial videography. We have the equipment and team to meet any custom desire.

  • Blog Writing + SEO Keywords

    We will rank your blog posts and web pages to the first page in search engine rankings with hyper-targeted keyword analysis and optimization.

  • Blog Writing

    We will write 800 word blog posts that rank to the first page in search engine rankings with hyper-targeted keyword analysis and optimization.

  • Custom Graphic Design

    We have professional in-house graphic designers that can design anything from logos to custom photo editing and all the way to custom CAD items and 360 virtual environment fabrications. You name it, our graphic designers can do it. Hit us with some creativity!

Enterprise Level Marketing Integrations

  • Personalized Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Personalization is the future. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning and powerful Dynamic Segmentation Strategies (DSS), we can organize your customer database helping you to get a birds eye view of your Customer Relationship Management interoperability across multiple softwares, buyer personas and industries within your database.

  • Dynamic Email + SMS Marketing

    The easiest, automated way to stay in touch with important clients, auto follow-up after a sales consultation, update your clients with new products, efficient on boarding of new clients or even simple newsletters such as general company information or case studies.

  • Custom Facebook Messenger Chatbot Development

    Chatbots are the perfect way to intelligently and efficiently automate lead qualification. With dynamic conditional logic flows, we can set up a custom sequence of questions to qualify leads along a sales process into the next step of your sales funnel.

  • Custom Tech Stack Interoperability

    We can optimize your existing digital strategy by tying in critical data points together to mesh one cohesive and measurable "Build-Your-Own" digital marketing strategy.

  • Monthly Retainer "Bundles" Available

    We have custom bundle packages and monthly retainer payment options available for those looking to scale their current online strategies.

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