Whether I am the bearer of bad news or good news, I do have news for you if you are using Instagram as a tool to grow your business or brand: YOU NEED TO UTILIZE INSTAGRAM STORY CONTENT.


Instagram stories are the ethereal content that users can publish separate from their feed and disappears after 24 hours.


Why Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are great for a variety of reasons…


  1. Stories allow you to put out content quickly without having to worry too much about quality (because it disappears after 24 hours)
  2. You can humanize your brand by showing your authentic self in story or live stream content
  3. Stories allow you to call your audience to action in a variety of ways
  4. Your story functions as a billboard for you on Instagram at the top of your followers feed
  5. Businesses that are on Instagram get up to 37% of their total impressions from Instagram Stories


I know it can be intimidating to get in front of the camera when you aren’t quite sure what you are doing. You are in luck, however, because in this blog (or video attached) we will be going over the detailed steps to help you to create Instagram story content on your phone in less than 5 minutes.


First let’s orient ourselves with what you’ll be seeing on your screen when you are ready to start making Instagram story content.


(Pro tip: swipe to the left when viewing your Instagram home feed to get to the story screen easily!)

Phase 1

Instagram Story Content, Instagram, Instagram stories

This is the screen you will initially see when you go to create a story. When the cursor is set on ‘normal’ you can take pictures or hold your finger down to take video.


The icon to the far left of the white circle allows you to post pictures or videos off of your camera roll.


The lighting icon to the left of the white circle allows you to toggle the flash for your photos.


The circular arrows to the right of the white circle will flip the camera.


The smiley face icon to the far right turns of augmented reality filters.


Phase 2

By touching almost anywhere on the screen the keyboard will appear. There are a few features here that are important.


You can change the color, size and font of your text here. Additionally using the ‘A’ icon at the top left of the screen to outline your text if you are struggling to make it visible on your photo or video.


There are endless features we could focus on with stories, but we are going to focus on a few easy to use tools. Check out this video out if you are looking for higher level knowledge on story design.


The photo above is what your screen will look like once you take a photo or a video for your story.


Instagram Story Content, Instagram Story Content features, how to instagram


By tapping the square smiley face with the bottom right corner folded up located at the top of the screen, the options will appear that are shown in the picture on the right.


As previously mentioned, stories are a great place to call your audience to action and humanize your brand. 



Instagram Story Content Features:

  • Location: allows you to tag your location and be discoverable by your location on Instagram
  • Mention: allows you to tag other users in your post
  • Hashtag: allows you to add hashtags to your story pictures and videos
  • Gif: this is a search engine that allows you to place augmented reality stickers onto your picture or video.
  • Music: allows you to search for an artist or song and add music to your story post.
  • Poll: allows you to survey your followers and collect responses
  • Questions: allows your audience to ask you questions that you can post answers to on your story.
  • Countdown: allows you to add a timer to the debut of your content, event, ext
  • Sliding bar: functions as a survey tool where followers can slide to vote and where responses can be collected
  • Quiz: allows you to ask your audience multiple choice questions and collect responses
  • Donation: allows you to post a link to call your audience to action to donate to a variety of different causes.


Phase 3

Instagram story, How to post instagram stories

Once you’ve gotten familiar with some of these baseline features a great compliment can be sprinkling in story templates from Canva.


When you have downloaded the app and created an account you can jump into the search bar or select ‘Instagram story.’


Finally, once you have made this selection you will be presented an assortment of properly sized and editable and downloadable templates you can use for free for your story content.


Refer to our blog on How to create content for Instagram on your phone using Canva for more details on how to use Canva.


Following these steps will help you to start creating Instagram story content with ease. This is a great compliment to posting pictures and videos on your page.


Now that you are equipped with this knowledge start working on calling your existing audience to action and pushing more users to your page!