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How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn (2019)

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn


Generating leads in the social industry is tough. Look no further, learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn!


Yes LinkedIn has the ability to be a great source for generating leads. So, how do you generate leads on LinkedIn you ask? The key is in your LinkedIn leads strategy!


Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is not a place where your number of ‘Followers’ is a huge point of emphasis. However, the QUALITY connections you make on LinkedIn can 100% translate to business.


In this article we will be covering the LinkedIn tips that will help turn your profile into a lead generation engine. 


Why LinkedIn?

First off there are 590 million users on LinkedIn… Because this platform is so large, it is a great place to implement your very own LinkedIn lead generation strategy.


It is along important to understand too that 57% of LinkedIn traffic is mobile while 43% is on desktop. So make sure you are familiar with both platforms as some features vary depending on the device you are using.

Using Your LinkedIn Connections to Generate Business

Because you cannot view followers easily on LinkedIn, you must take a strategic approach to your LinkedIn leads strategy.


I would start by scouting people you have mutual connections with on the home page.

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I like this approach because you automatically have something in common with these people when connecting.


Another approach is identifying large influencer pages that have existing and relevant content to yours and connect with their followers.


(Especially those that are engaging the most on their content!)


When connecting with these prospects, you will already know that they are a fan of certain content. This can help qualify your leads.


A final approach is just to engage on more niche and micro level content you deem relevant to your offering. Because there are less engagements on LinkedIn than Instagram or Facebook, your engagements tend to stand out more to the user.


Additionally, if you send them a private message after engaging on their content they will be more willing to respond.

Finding Your Ideal Prospect

Keep in mind that being successful on LinkedIn means finding your IDEAL customer.


Too often marketers make the mistake of taking the ‘quantity over quality approach’ and spamming messages and connections.


But with this strategy, you will waste time on unqualified leads and many connections will slip through your fingertips.


You need to know some of the following information about your ideal customer if you truly want to see some success. LinkedIn sales are all about personalized outreach. Using the following filters when searching LinkedIn for prospects is crucial:


-University Attended


-Job Role

-2nd connection (connections of your existing connections)

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Use ‘LinkedIn sales navigator’ with this approach if you want more flexibility for finding your prospects. This is a separate tool that costs money, but with the right approach this tool is well worth the price.

A couple of final pieces of advice…

Find relevant groups via LinkedIn! These groups can function as great distribution channels as well as a great place to find relevant prospects that are invested and active on LinkedIn.


Write articles and position yourself as a credible authority. These articles are one of the first things someone will see when they land on your page.


By blogging about your expertise, people will seek your advice and your LinkedIn reputation as an expert will grow. (This is what we are doing with our own blog series!)


Watch the full video for all the tips and tricks on how you can generate leads on LinkedIn in 2019. Also, check out our Youtube Channel for even more videos! Thanks for visiting our Elite Suite video blog!


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