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How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast!

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So, you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or growing business owner that wants to get more real Instagram followers in a quick and completely organic way. You’ve read the eBooks, taken part in countless seminars, and you still seem to see the same lackluster results from your hard work and dedication.

Fortunately, acquiring real followers in a completely organic way is not as hard as it may seem. All it takes is an understanding of the seven key growth factors below and the ability to implement them into your own Instagram marketing strategies today.

The best part about these key points is that they are all discussed in an engaging and easy-to-understand ten-minute video entitled ‘7 Ways to get More Real Instagram Followers Fast’ as well giving you the opportunity to learn more from one of our founders, Chaz Van de Motter, and still have the ability to reference certain parts in the article below. How’s that for cross-platform content? Now, get to reading as these seven factors are sure to revamp your Instagram marketing in no time.

Why Choose Instagram Over Other Platforms?

If you don’t already use Instagram on a daily basis, you may be asking yourself right now ‘why would I use a social media platform that’s mostly for models and foodies?’

If this is the case, then it’s time that you learn a bit more about the overwhelming power of Instagram and how it is by no means just for models and food lovers worldwide. According to Hootsuite, Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide and, of those users, 500 million use the platform every day.

However, the amount of users is probably not what interests you as a business-oriented individual so let’s get down to the real statistics that matter most. For starters, with a target demographic of 18 to 40 years old, businesses are capable of targeting a large and diverse market that is sure to have their more focused demographic nestled within it.

On top of this, 80 percent of users follow a business and 65 percent of the top performing posts on Instagram feature a product. This clearly shows that Instagram users are open to seeing business accounts and posts and interacting with them frequently.

Also, because of these statistics, 72 percent of businesses have Instagram accounts and 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded. Obviously, countless businesses currently see the clear value in marketing and posting on Instagram, so why wouldn’t you follow suit?

The Four Main Problems That Must be Solved

Even knowing all of the reasons Instagram is a viable platform for business growth, it can be hard to find the best ways to successfully expand your following on there. Most often, our clients face these four main problems—and they kind of suck.

1. Hitting a Wall With Followers

So, you’ve invited all of your friends, called your family members and asked them to get involved, and you’ve even turned to work buddies and distant acquaintances for more followers. But, now what?

How do you continue to grow your following and not hit the proverbial ‘wall’ many companies face when marketing on Instagram?

2. A Lack of Time to Manually Grow Your Business

Although you’d probably love to spend your entire day cultivating engaging content and posting it on your social media account, you simply can’t.

As a business professional with clients already under your belt, having the time to manually grow your business on Instagram is pretty difficult and can lead to profile stagnancy in the process.

3. Trouble Driving Conversions and Coming up With Content

Perhaps, you want to post regularly and want to engage with your target audience but can’t see to find ideas that resonate with them. Unfortunately, not having engaging content is a surefire way to lose out on marketing conversions which can be frustrating to deal with.

After all, what’s the point in posting regularly on social media if your business isn’t clearly benefiting from it in the process?

4. Feeling Overwhelmed and Left Behind

All of this talk about conversions, followers, click through rates, and engagement is a bit overwhelming. Trust me, we get it. However, understanding how Instagram can grow your business and not getting left behind while your competitors leave you in the dust is essential to success. The question is how to not get overwhelmed by this and what to do to overcome these four problems for good.

This is where the 7 keys to Instagram growth and gaining more real and organic followers comes into play. By using these factors, you can put these problems behind you and reap the benefits of successful Instagram marketing starting today.

The 7 Keys to Instagram Growth

Here’s the deal—Instagram growth isn’t that hard—if you know the right formula. All it takes to create an engaging and growth-worthy Instagram profile is the ability to implement these seven keys into your current strategy. We plan to talk a lot about these topics on our Elite Marketing Studios Blog but this is as focused as you can get on these growth factors to make your content as visually appealing and engaging as possible.

After all, with a platform that bases itself on visually appealing content, why wouldn’t your profile be visually and aesthetically appealing as well?

1. Handle

For those of you that don’t already know what a handle is, don’t panic. ‘Handle’ is just another term for a username—and it really matters. Think about just how small your picture and username is on a comments page or on messages on Instagram. Now, imagine how disappointing it would be to see a confusing or overall generic name when you look closer.

A quality Instagram handle should be human, simple, and specific to your niche. You don’t want a handle that seems robotic and bland but you also don’t want a handle that is so out there that it doesn’t tie into your niche whatsoever.

Here are some examples of quality handles:





Here are some not-so-quality handles:




As you can see, the low-quality handles include underscores and periods that can be annoying to deal with when someone is trying to find you on social media. Some of them such as @buymyhouseaz are also very promotional which can give people a negative opinion of you before even getting to know you and your business.

The power of these quality handles, however, is pretty clear. For instance, @realtorsinheels gives an aesthetic appearance, easily showcases the industry it is part of, and also gives the immediate assumption that it is a high-quality and more sophisticated brand.

Similarly, @sonoranlauren is creative, memorable, and also still gives viewers the name and location of the individual in a matter of two words. Not bad, wouldn’t you say?

2. Cover Photo

Imagine, for a moment, a fun event or night out you’ve had with friends. You probably took tons of photos but only chose a few to actually post online. Why?

The answer is that the average individual knows that some photos are better than others and every photo gives off a different perception of who they are as an individual. You wouldn’t look at a photo of someone in a business suit in the same way you would a photo of someone on top of a bar chugging a bottle of vodka, would you? This is often referred to as the ‘halo effect’—and proves why first impressions are everything for business.

With this said, that’s exactly why a quality cover photo is so important. Along with the handle, the cover photo serves as the 1-2-punch needed to make a first impression that truly sets you apart from the rest. It is the difference between a prospect landing on your page and bouncing.

A good cover photo will be personal, visible, and not simply be some sort of company logo. The average person trusts actual photos of business owners or employees far more than they do a logo (for obvious reasons).

If you are unsure of how to create a quality photo on your own, we suggest downloading either the Profile Picture Maker App or the Photo Grid App to help you create the best cover photo possible.

3. Bio

Here’s the deal—you only have 150 characters to explain to your prospects what sets you apart and why they should work with you. Think of this as your very own little business ‘pick-up line’.

Just like when you’re approaching someone at a bar to try and get their number, you don’t want your first impression with a potential client to be lackluster or cringeworthy.

With this said, try to focus on answering these three questions in your bio:

  1. What do You do?
  2. Why are You Special?
  3. What is in it for me?

Don’t be afraid to also use emojis and make sure each line doesn’t bleed into the next. You also don’t want to waste this space on a surplus of contact information as it’s unnecessary when you can easily receive direct messages through Instagram’s platform.

4. Lead Magnet

Do you remember that scene in Willy Wonka when Veruca Salt started screaming, ‘I want it now, daddy!’ when she didn’t instantly get what she wanted? The moral of that scene—and her character in totality— was to showcase the negative side of promoting instant gratification during childhood.

Despite this, it’s no secret that we live in an instant gratification society. People don’t want to have to go out of their way to know more about you and your business. That’s where lead magnets come into play.

Fortunately, Instagram has a 60 percent higher click-through rate (CTR) on bio links than Facebook meaning most of the work is already done for you the minute you add a magnet to your page.

After all, you must have a way to convert leads and this is what gets them to that next phase in your sales cycle. For this, you will want to give an incentive to visit the page,  make it show up in two clicks or less,and capture information regarding this.

5. Content and Layout

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the term ‘quality over quantity’ one billion times before. Just kidding—don’t raise your hand. Instead, let’s discuss what that common statement means when it comes to getting more followers on Instagram.

As important as your first impression is to Instagram users, the content and layout of your page far surpass it. Why? Because, who wants to look at a boring page full of bland images and videos?

To create the kind of layout and engaging content that increases Instagram followers exponentially, try to focus on utilizing Instagram Stories often, making testimonial and demonstration videos, and developing a strategic layout design that is visually appealing.

One thing to consider when doing this is that photos with faces get 38 percent more likes. This means being in your videos and pictures is essential to a more engaging content strategy. If you don’t like the sound of this, here’s what our founder Chaz Van de Motter has to say about that, “ People will say to me ‘Oh, I don’t go in front of the camera, Chaz.’ Well, that’s too bad. You have to if you want to engage your audience.”

If you don’t already know how to create visually appealing content, try using one of these three apps below:

  1. Canva
  2. PS Express
  3. Preview

6. Direct Messaging

Now that you have an Instagram profile that attracts your audience and has a high conversion rate as well, it’s time for you to begin direct messaging potential clients in a clever and personable manner.

For this, you will want to break down the barrier and start a conversation by using quality first message strategies. Start by asking a loaded question like, “Hello there! Great content! Are you following all of those people manually or are you using a tool?”

You also won’t want to begin with some kind of offering or deal in the first message as it will make you appear too sales-pitchy and not as genuine. For this, just refer to this quote by our founder Chaz Van de Motter, “Don’t send an offering in the first message. Are you gonna try to kiss the girl on the first date in the restaurant? I don’t think so. You have to wait on that first message and really try to start a conversation with them.”

Being able to empathize and humanize your messages is essential to attracting more people from the get-go. Try sending unique messages to every person you contact. After all, f you sent one person the same message you sent to a million others, it wouldn’t make them feel like you care about them. It’s a bad first impression.

Lastly, make sure to hit on a pain point of theirs before giving them the solution you provide. This gives you an honest look into something they are struggling with and also allows them to open up to you about this problem which is a great way to show you genuinely care.

7. Growth Strategy

The last key to getting more real Instagram followers fast is your growth strategy. Having a quality profile simply isn’t enough to transform your engagement into profit.

To do this, you will want to be strategic to maximize your time. Growing your account manually can be time-consuming but being strategic is the best way to shorten this process.

Start by finding similar accounts to your own based off of location, niche, and hashtags. Next, look through these profiles and analyze who is following and engaging with them. You will want to specifically target these people and monitor their data to grow your brand. This will narrow down your demographic and the people you target to get the best results possible. After all, if you sell to everybody, you sell to no one.

Another thing you can do to continue to promote business growth is to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account to get Instagram insights and promote your content cross-platform. You can also use the Reports+ App for better insights into your results and growth each and every month.

The Results of Using These Key Factors

Now that you know the 7 ways to get more real Instagram followers fast, you can start seeing growth and progression in your business through the use of these factors. With these tactics, your page will be viewed and more credible and professional and this will allow you to leverage your audience across multiple mediums.

Through this, you can begin expanding your audience reach, honing in on your most successful demographics, and turning all of this social media interest and engagement into cold hard cash for your business.

What Should You do if This Seems a Little Overwhelming?

So, maybe you’ve read all of this information multiple times and still don’t feel you can accomplish all of it on your own. Perhaps, it appears to be more overwhelming than you’re willing to handle as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Fortunately, if you can’t find the time or simply don’t want to put in all of the effort on your own, we here at Elite Marketing Studios have you covered. With two simple and cost-effective marketing bundles to choose from, you can grow your following and see visible profit stemming from it.

Our numbers don’t lie; we know how to increase followers and conversion rates for our clients in an organic way. In fact, as of now, we have already gained over a million followers for our clients and have turned our marketing business into a six-figure company through our expertise and our methods.

However, the best part isn’t even the bundles themselves but the fact that both bundles require no setup fees and can be paid for month-to-month with no longterm contracts set in place. That means there’s literally no risk on your end by giving our strategies a go.

On top of this, by using our system, you automatically gain access to our reporting console where you can see new followers, your follow-back ratio, and your growth chart in real time. No more calling in or relying on lengthy business reports to see clear and positive business growth results!

For more information on our business and the services we provide, make sure to check out our page entitled ‘Why Choose Us?’ Then again, do you really need any more information to be convinced that we know what we’re talking about?  

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