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Optimizing Calendly Sales Funnel

Optimizing calendly sales funnel



70% of the world is actively using social media. This means you have access to 70% of the world’s population through your digital sales funnel without having to knock on a door, make a cold call or sweet talk a gatekeeper. That is why it is so important understand why you should be optimizing your Calendly sales funnel.


Are you turning that traffic into new clients? The key is having a sales funnel that is so easy that your prospects don’t feel like they have to do a ton of work just to get more information about your offer. 


For many service industries the sales process begins with a phone call, but generally getting that phone call scheduled and getting the prospect to actually answer have been notoriously difficult tasks.  


Funny enough, these lost opportunities don’t get tracked.


Furthermore, if a phone call ends with a “no” that is oftentimes the end of the sales process as well.


In fact, when I worked door to door sales, they used to have a saying: “Appointments lead to disappointment.” 


Generally getting an appointment scheduled from a brief conversation is damn near impossible when working with busy business owners. 


So why is Calendly king?


But Calendly changed the game when it came to scheduling appointments.


In order to have an appointment lead to something other than disappointment, the prospect or potential client must value your time.


Optimizing Calendly Sales Funnel

So the first tactic to increasing your win rate is valuing their time first


Calendly helps solve the back-and-forth issue of trying to come up with a specific day and time to meet.


And it even sends reminders to you and your prospect who schedules the call! How cool right!?


The best part is that this process is made convenient for the customer because they are able to choose a time that works around their schedule. 

Additionally, having the lead make a micro commitment and have a positive scheduling experience usually leads them to valuing your time a bit more. 

Why Use Calendly Over An Old Fashioned Meeting?

By having your them schedule a time through Calendly, they are committing to another step further into your sales funnel. And as a bonus, you receive the following information and tasks automated: 



-Phone number

-Email automated reminders 48 hours and 24 hours before time

-Zoom meeting autogenerated

-Google calendar meeting auto generated


By getting this information from your prospects, you can remind them of appointments with ease. But you can also now remarket and follow up with them without finding an old buried email thread. This leads to more leads inside your sales funnel and a higher win rate among our leads. 


Calendly is a fan favorite for scheduling for small to midsize service industry business owners and their teams. By having software like this, you can ensure that no prospects can get appointments scheduled with ease. 


Learning that Optimizing Calendly Sales Funnel is crucial for your sales process will help you close double the amount of leads.


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