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$397.00 / month

check All Instagram Basic Growth Package Benefits

check Accelerated Growth (100% faster speed than the Basic package)

check Engagement Boost

check All Instagram Basic Growth Package Benefits

check Accelerated Growth (100% faster speed than the Basic package)

check Engagement Boost


check All Instagram Basic Growth Package Benefits

This package includes all of the Instagram Basic Growth package benefits including all of the value-packed features below.

check Accelerated Growth (30% faster speed than the Basic package)

We will up the speed of your monthly growth. Our clients see an average gain of 1,000 to 4,000 engaged followers every month with this package.


check 24/7 Reporting Console

Included in our 24/7 reporting: Account Summary, Growth Summary, Growth Performance Chart, Targeting performance, Engagement performance, Top Engagers List.

check Engagement Boost

We will work to bring the likes and comments up on your posts to help you establish credibility and your content rank better in the algorithm.

check Lead Generator Direct Messenger

We will send out a message to your new and/or existing followers with a curated message that drives more engagement and traffic to your website. (On average, our clients connect with up to 20 new qualified leads daily with our Lead Generator Messenger)

check Dedicated Account Manager

All of our clients are taken care of manually.

check Access to the Elite Suite

Our Elite Suite is designed to help businesses and people with personal brands alike. We packed the Suite with video training content (Elite Suite Vlogs updated weekly), other members within your industry to network with, reporting console access, payment history + information, social media SaaS tools (coming soon), Ask An Expert (coming soon), and more!


Are these guaranteed to be real followers?

We identify and target only users who are active within the last 30 days that have a profile picture and pass our Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) filter. This helps us to ensure that your new followers are meaningful to your business and community.

Is the service safe?

We use 256-bit security encryption with Instagram’s API to ensure that your account information is safe with us.

Am I locked into any contracts?

There are no locked in contracts or setup fees. We believe in providing transparency and accessibility to our clients to assist them with all their marketing needs. 

Are these followers high quality and guaranteed to stick around?

We only interact with the users who have liked or commented with similar content to yours within the last 30 days. Therefore you can be rest assured that the followers we bring you the highest quality followers that will engage with your content and tap on the link in your bio.

How does the Instagram Growth work?

We identify similar accounts to your own and curate a list of the engaged followers within the last 30 days for those accounts. From there we place your content and profile in front of those users and monitor how many of these users follow your page and engage on your content. From there we continue to optimize your campaign and targeting. 

Do you guarantee any minimum growth numbers?

Due to the varying growth rates between different industries and types of accounts (quality + types of content), we do not guarantee a set number of followers for our Instagram packages. However, we do provide a custom reporting console to our clients to monitor their Instagram growth real time. (On average, our clients see a gain of 500-4,000 followers per month)

Will you need my Instagram password?

Yes, but we will never directly login to your Instagram account. We only need your Instagram login credentials to access your account through our secure API so that we can track your growth stats real time.

What are the main differences between the Social Media Services?

•The Instagram Basic Growth covers just follower and engagement growth and access to your custom reporting console.

•The Instagram Elite Growth grows accounts 30% quicker than Basic and includes direct messages sent to new and existing followers as well as your custom reporting console (can test up to 5 messages at once).

•The Elite Suite Box is our full hands-0ff social media solution that includes the Instagram Elite Growth and direct messages, 5 custom and boosted posts per month, total account management and your custom reporting console.

I just paid for my package, now what?

Upon filling out your questionnaire and submitting your payment, an account manager will reach out via text and have your account setup and running within 24 hours.

What will I get out of consulting session?

We will provide you with a list of social media and technology recommendations based on your current website and social media presences. Our chief aim in these sessions is to help you understand how to be more efficient and effective with the social media and technology associated with your business. 

What comes with website package?

We will create a custom WordPress site using our business website template designed to educate prospects on your service and capture their information.


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