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The Power of Mobile Optimized Web Design

Mobile Optimized Web Design

What percentage of Web Traffic is Mobile? 

When was the last time you browsed a mobile optimized website? It is critical to monitor the experience your customers and prospects are having with your site on their phones. Mobile web browsing accounts for 48.71% of total web traffic over Q1 of 2019.       


Oftentimes we obsess over the aesthetic details of our website on desktop, but fail to take into account that roughly half of your web sessions are mobile traffic coming from social media, advertisements and localized SEO efforts. 


If this is something you are overlooking, it is time to utilize a few of the following tools to help understand what experience your mobile users are having and how you can enhance their experience.

Top 5 Tools To Ensure You Have A Mobile Optimized Website

1. Hotjar:  is a tool that allows you to screen record web sessions to understand what visitors are clicking on and doing while on your site. This insight will help you to better optimize the design of your website. For example if you notice no one is scrolling more than 30% down the homepage before bouncing you know that you need to include more eye-catching content or calls to action higher up on the fold. 

2. Google Analytics is a tool that has been around for a while, and it is great. This tool allows you to decipher where your website traffic is coming from, how long users are staying on your site, as well as a variety of other filters. In terms of gaining insight and making optimizations, Google analytics is definitely a software to use to monitor and gauge your success on your website.

3. Optin Monster: This helps personalize an offer and call your visitors to action as well as monitor the success of the campaign all in one place. Think about what your main conversion is on the website (i.e. signing up for email newsletter, downloading white pages, scheduling a call) and focus on that. After all, mobile users are usually in a hurry and looking for instant gratification so grab their attention early on and call them to action before they get bored and bounce. 

4. FB pixel and global site tag :These are specifically for retargeting advertisements to only the visitors who come to your website. These snippets of code help you to ensure that none of your website visitors fall through the cracks of your scope. If you are running any form of paid ads these become VERY important. Here is a youtube video on where you can find your pixel and tag and add them to your website.


5. Click Funnels: Simply put this is the authority for simplified landing pages. If your website is too complicated or you just want visitors focusing on a singular offer, video or piece of information check out click funnels. This allows you to create custom landing pages easily that are built for conversions. These funnels are especially great to use when calling audiences to action via social media or paid advertising because it eliminates choice from the web browsing equation. 

Fun fact: Google rewards you for “time spent on site” for SEO so the better your mobile site is the longer 48.71% of website visitors will stay which translates to higher google rankings and more website traffic. 

(Poor) Mobile Optimized Web Design

Below I have included a few examples of poorly optimized mobile websites. As you can see the layout does not fit the display and there are an overwhelming amount of options for users. Generally mobile browsing takes place quickly so it is important to map out an easy customer experience on your mobile site. 


(Good) Mobile Optimized Web Design

Here are a couple examples of more simplified and mobile optimized sites. As you can see the display fits properly and the roadmap is clear in terms of accessing relevant information. Less is always more on mobile! 

Final Thoughts

Go check out your mobile site and see what your visitors are experiencing digitally when interacting with your business.


The better you can understand the existing customer journey, the better chances you have of converting your mobile optimized web traffic.


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