Our number one mission is to be an approachable agency for small to medium sized businesses looking for smart, young guys who know the ins and outs of digital marketing and won’t charge you ridiculous prices


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Meet Co-Founder

Chaz Van De Motter

My journey in marketing began at a Digital Advertising agency in Scottsdale during my time at Arizona State University. I spent 3 years learning the landscape of digital marketing, but I was never a fan of the classic marketing agency business model.

Realistic expectations were not set, pricing was a grey area, on boarding was a hassle, and customer service was not a point of emphasis.

From digital marketing I pivoted into sales, and again found myself unfulfilled. I was taught sales tactics to reduce buyer inaction and close business, but authenticity and transparency were never tactics that were discussed.

In 2017 we made it our mission to disrupt the industry of marketing through radical measures. We vowed to be transparent with our pricing and be transparent to our customers.

Since then we have helped over 300 small business owners and influencers to grow their brands. Since then we have generated over 1.2 million new followers and engagers on social media for our clients. Whether you are a first time business owner or an Inc 500 executive, we want to welcome you to a new way to do business. The Elite Way.

Meet Co-Founder

Collin Tovar

I come from a family of entrepreneurs which helped me acquire a passion for entrepreneurship at a very young age; I started his very first business in the 8th grade!

I learned very quickly that the world was moving digital so in my early 20’s I invested $30,000 in learning digital marketing trends like email marketing, sms marketing, funnels, CRM’s, social media and more.

I used this knowledge to build my Instagram following up to 33,000 followers birthing an Instagram growth agency 6 months later with a friend of a friend that I got introduced to, Chaz.

We built our agency to 6 figures within 1 year and really learned A LOT about digital marketing and how to help businesses increase their sales online. Now, we have taken all of our combined knowledge & skills and offer full service digital marketing products at an affordable cost for small to medium sized businesses.